The Savaria K2 straight stairlift features the most compact folded depth on the market, keeping your stairs clear when the lift is not in use. Smooth-riding with a comfortable seat, the K2 stair lift transports you over the barrier of stairs, giving you the freedom to stay in the home you love.

With a 350 lb capacity* and adjustable arm width, the K2 is well-suited to a wide range of comfort needs. Obstruction sensors, a retractable seat belt and overspeed governor all provide added safety features. The lift operates on a battery powered system with built in charging, that allows the lift to operate several times even during a power failure. The K2 is also available with an optional outdoor package, suitable for moderate climates.

K2 Stairlift - Savaria

  • Ultra slim: Folded size of only 10.75", the smallest profile on the market to keep the unit out of the way when not in use

    Quiet, smooth-riding operation: From the rack and pinion drive system

    Battery operated: Built-in charging on the top and bottom of the rail so the chair can be used several times even through a power failure

    LED status lights: To advise of any issues

    Obstacle sensor system: On the carriage and footrest to stop the chair if it meets an obstacle

    Safety features: Swivel and lock seat at top landing, retractable seat belt, anti-slip footrest, obstacle sensors

    Easy operation: Includes 2 infrared remote controls plus toggle switch on arm rest

    Comfortable and durable seat: With width-adjustable arms up to 20" wide 

    Fast installation: To enjoy your stair lift quicker

    Warranty: 36 months parts

  • Applications: Residential, indoor, straight-run stairway

    Standard Capacity: 350 lb* (159 kg)

    Maximum Travel: 32 ft (9.75 m)

    Travel speed: 15 ft/min (0.08 m/s)

    Motor: 1/3 hp, 24 VDC power that charges on standard household power

    Fold-up width: 10.75" (27.3 cm)

    Fold-out width: 21.5" (54.6 cm)

    Range of incline: 30˚ to 55˚ 

    *for a stair angle greater than 45 degrees, maximum capacity is 300 lb.





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