At BSM, ensuring your safety is our top priority. We have solutions to assist in entering your home or even helping getting your scooter or power wheelchair into the back of your vehicle.


Whether it’s a portable ramp or a modular ramp system, our professionals in our Access Division can help. We have many threshold ramps and portable ramps displayed in our store. Stop in to check out or call us for more information.


We hope the information on the site will help too. We provide Free At-Home Evaluations for your ramp needs.


We also have many affordable refurbished

modular ramps. 

In addition, we rent by the week or month ramps.


Call us at 440-373-1200.

Ask for Greg or Sean.

Wheelchair ramps provide safe and reliable room-to-room access for users with walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and more.  Our wheelchair ramps are available in a variety of lengths and configurations and are available for purchase or rental to best suit your unique needs.

Our Process

Wheel Chair Ramps

There are multiple types of wheelchair ramps, the most common being modular, portable, and threshold ramps. All of these ramps serve the same purpose: to enable individuals to access homes, businesses, and other buildings safely and easily. If you or someone you know finds it difficult to traverse stairs, a wheelchair ramp may be the right solution.

At Best Solutions Home Medical, our experts work hard to ensure that you find the perfect ramp for your situation. With our knowledgeable on-site staff and free home consultations, accessing your home has never been easier.





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